A sound browser that does the organization for you. Just drag your samples in, and AudioCortex listens to them, categorizes them, and makes it easy. 

With over 443 categories grouped at the macro level (e.g., Bass, Kick, Loop) and specifics ranging from Analog to Accordion, AudioCortex builds on years of sound organization knowledge from the team behind the acclaimed AudioFinder.

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AudioCortex uses machine learning to do the listening for you. Using a simple drag and drop interface it will save you hours, days, weeks, months or years of time depending on how many sounds you have.
"aif", "caf", "wav", "mp3", "mp4", "aac" and "Apple Lossless" formats are supported.
Additionally you can save your sounds into collections called "Lists" and drag and drop them into your projects. Two audio visualizers are included a Spectrogram and Waveform view.
About the 443 Trained Categories it's important to make clear that you understand before you purchase the categories are defined by us via our research into this new genre of Application. They will continue to evolve over time. The categories are broad for example "Snare" vs a snare from a particular drum machine brand. In general the goal of 80% accuracy within the specified categories is expected.
Just some of included are:
Bass: Acid
Bass: Acoustic
Bass: Analog
Bass: Club
Bass: Digital
Bass: Electric
Loop: Brass: Section
Loop: Brass: Trombone
Loop: Brass: Trumpet
Loop: Brass: Tuba
Loop: Keyboards
Loop: Keyboards: Accordion
Loop: Keyboards: Clavinet
Loop: Keyboards: Harpsichord
Loop: Keyboards: Organ
Loop: Percussion: Lak
Loop: Percussion: Mixed Top
Loop: Percussion: Pakhawaj
Loop: Percussion: Rattler
Loop: Percussion: Ride
Loop: Percussion: Ride Cymbal
Sound Effects: Chime
Sound Effects: Clapping
Sound Effects: Crowd
Sound Effects: Dive
Sound Effects: Drone

When the App Launches a List of demo sounds are shown, these are demo sounds included to show how it works. You can drag your own folders of sounds from other places and it will let you categorize them, save them and play them. Music production, sound design, soundtrack work and general sample management is the focus here. Not intended for songs, it's for playing sounds that one would use in music apps like Logic or GarageBand.

If you have a lot of sounds on your computer and need a quick and easy way to organize and play them then AudioCortex is for you. The introduction price is $9.95 and will be raised early 2021.

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